Brandy Rand

Thirsty Writer, Libations Marketer


Please reach out if you would like to work with me. Here are the areas I specialize in:

Strategic Marketing Consultant: I love to build brands.  I’ve managed and launched many new beverage alcohol products, from gin to craft whiskey. I’m a whiz at developing consumer and trade marketing plans that include research, media, public relations, sponsorships and events.  You can check out my professional recommendations here.

Freelance Writing or Speaking Engagements: I’m always working on stories, so if you have ideas or products you would like me to check out, send me a note. In addition, I can help revitalize your marketing materials, write presentations, speeches and advertising copy. I also like to educate people on wine, beer, spirits and cocktails, and can cover a variety of topics. Need to know about types of tequila? Can’t figure out the difference between whisky and whiskey? I’ve spoken at Tufts University on “Cocktail Culture” and in front of many audiences on “Women & Whiskey” (my personal favorite). With my background in marketing and entrepreneurship, I also specialize in career coaching and advice for women in business.

Event Production: The devil is in the details – and every detail matters when it comes to planning and executing conferences and events. I’ve worked with clients to produce intimate album launch parties for major recording artists in New York and Los Angeles, as well as a nationally recognized film and music festival. As one of the co-founders of Thirst Boston, a cocktail conference with over 30 events in three days, I’ve managed all aspects of sponsorship sales and event production.


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