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Thirsty Writer, Libations Marketer

A Drink With….

I write a regular feature for our local beverage trade publication  called “A Drink With…” As the name suggests, I sit down with some of Boston’s most influential and interesting bartenders, retailers and industry game-changers. These articles appear locally in print as well as on the Massachusetts Beverage Business web site. However, I’ve compiled links to all of them below and will continue to update. I suggest grabbing a drink yourself….

A Drink with Gennaro Cataldo, Owner, Beer & Wine Hobby

A Drink with Michel Boissy, Chief Juice Guy, Freshbev Craft Juicery

A Drink with Troy Clarke, President of Boston Chapter of the United States Bartender Guild (USBG)

A Drink with Dave Mevoli, L. Knife & Sons

A Drink with…Misty Kalkofen & Patrick Sullivan, Brick & Mortar

A Drink with…Ian Stanczyk & TJ Connelly, Founders of the On the Bar app

A Drink With…TJ Douglas, Owner of the Urban Grape, Boston

A Drink With….Matt Lambo, Brand Manager for Cisco Brewers, Triple Eight Distillery and Nantucket Vineyard.

A Drink With…Kirsten Amann, Brand Champion for Fratelli Branca, LUPEC member, Writer

A Drink With…Maureen Rubino, Co-Owner of Central Bottle Wine

A Drink With…Joy Richard, Bar and Beverage Manager at Franklin Restaurant Group

A Drink With…Alexei Beratis, Owner of Inspired Beverages, Founder of Boston Cocktail Summit

A Drink With…Ben Sandrof, Northeast Sales Manager, St-Germain (Cooper Spirits)


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