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Inside the Brandy Bunch: Rediscovering a Complex Category

Published in the November 2011 issue of Beverage Media– The brandy category is like a Brady Bunch family reunion, a mash-up of siblings all struggling to exist under one (categorically defined) roof. Technically, brandy is divided in to eight sub-categories: Armagnac, Cognac, Calvados, domestic brandy, fruit brandy, grappa, imported brandy and pisco. It’s tricky for consumers to determine what they like and why, with a broad range of brands and countries waving their flags for a share of stomach. By staying on top of the major trends, you can help them.

Breaking the category down by the numbers offers some insight as to what we’re drinking in the States: domestic brandy (including fruit brandy and applejack) makes up the bulk with around 6.3 million 9-liter cases, followed by Cognac at nearly 3.4 million, then imported brandy (where pisco and grappa reside, along with Mexican and Spanish brandies) at a declining 580,000 combined cases. Read more…


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