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Make Your Own Damn “Skinny” Margarita

Sorry Bethenny Frankel, while I admire your business acumen, I can’t condone bottled cocktails. There’s nothing good about them, especially when said cocktail – the margarita – is one of the easiest drinks to make. And when made with the right quality ingredients, the margarita is naturally low in calories. (Hear that people? Save your money).

If you read the fine print on the Skinnygirl Margarita bottle, it’s a mere 12.7% alcohol, or glass of wine. Now I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to drink a margarita, I want to glow in a nice 80 proof agave spirit.  Skinnygirl also says it’s 100 calories for a full 4 ounce serving. Go ahead – measure 4 ounces – it’s a half a cup. So let’s be realistic here (since we’re all drinkers), and say we probably have big people glasses and would end up free pouring a good 8-10 ounces of bottled, shelf-stable liquid.

All that math aside, making a decent margarita should be on every host’s list of party tricks. Trust me when I say my husband is often called at 9pm on a Friday night by people asking him for his recipe. And without fail, they cannot believe how stupidly simple it is to make one. And yes, the calories may be a tad higher than the bottled stuff, but a real margarita tastes way, way better. And you’ll drink less (if you are so inclined) because it’s higher proof.

2 ounces high quality 100% blue agave tequila (Corzo, 901, Don Julio, Cazadores, Herradura)

3/4 ounce agave nectar* (Found in the natural food section of grocery stores, get light version, not amber.)

1 ounce fresh-squeezed lime juice (No cheating here! Good limes have no brown spots and are soft. Hard limes have no juice.)

Pour all ingredients in a shaker filled with ice. Shake vigorously and pour entire contents in a glass (with our without salt); add more ice. Garnish with lime wedge. *Adjust agave nectar depending on how sweet you like your drink.

One drink = about 230 calories. Way better than the 600 calorie bombs found at many places that use sour mix or other packaged margarita mixes.


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