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Beauty and the Imbiber

 Sorry guys, but once in awhile a girl stumbles upon a beauty product that is just so life-changing, we talk about it to our friends even more than we talk about how messy you are.

So I was in Nantucket with my two best girlfriends this past weekend, drinking wine (as one should when it rains on an island), and found myself extolling the virtues of my new lip stuff. It’s a stain more than a lipstick (called Revlon Just Bitten) so it makes you look like you really, truly have a natural rosy pink pucker. And the best part – it doesn’t come off – even after a burger. And more wine. And chocolate. And a really, really bad Adam Sandler movie.

It’s my new secret for days when my farthest commute is downstairs to my home office, but I still want to feel a tad sexier in my sweatpants. A good lipstick – sans the sticky gloss – is essential for a long night of drinking, when you don’t want the rim of your glass to look like the residue from a pan of bacon. And when you manage to steal the occasional glance in back bar mirror, you won’t need to excuse yourself to fix your face. It costs less than a draft beer too. How cool is that?


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