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Have Lemon, Drink Gin

Yesterday marked the official start of summer in my house with a round of gin and tonics in tall tumblers with lots and lots of ice. Simple…yes. Refreshing…of course. Garnished with a lime…not so fast.

I am forever a convert to a lemon wedge in my G&T thanks to a language barrier and an overadbundance of the yellow citrus in Positano, Italy. Years ago, while on a girls’ trip to the Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast, I found myself dining al fresco at a little bar carved on the slopes of Positano. After grape-soaked days of Chianti, I found myself craving a good old cocktail. Now, Italians in this region are known for their limoncello, so it’s no surprise (in retrospect), my gin and tonic was served with a fat wedge of lemon instead of the customary sliver of lime.

I have never looked back since. Try it.Trust me. Lemon peel is often a botanical used in the production of gin, and a fresh squeeze brightens up a G&T, playing nicely with the bitter tonic and flirting a tad with the idea of a Tom Collins. Bartenders rarely catch my intentional citrus call (lemon, I say, lemon!), and out of habit I often find a sad, dried lime floating listlessly in my drink. 

But, with a bowlful of lemons, a splash of tonic and a kick-ass gin, you too, can start your summer with an Italian-inspired G&T (view of the Amalfi Coast included).


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